Wellcem's ThermaSet®

ThermaSet® is a product by our partner, Wellcem and it is a polymer resin system that is used to solve a variety well integrity challenges. Typical applications include: lost circulation, compromised wellbore integrity, plug and abandonment, and the remediation of sustained casing pressure. ThermaSet cures into a strong and flexible solid that can withstand the thermocyclic expansion and contraction of the casing without cracking.

ThermaSet® is a thermosetting resin whose set time can be adjusted with repeatable and accurate precision to allow ample time for material placement based on the requirements of each and every well. Density and viscosity can also be adjusted as required to meet the desired operational specifications.

ThermaSet® is capable of penetrating deep into permeable formations and narrow channels to seal-off undesired fluid flow into or out of the wellbore. During this process it will also enhance and strengthen the treated area.

Other preferable properties of ThermaSet® include a high shear bond to steel/rock and it is compatible with most drilling fluids and cements. ThermaSet® can tolerate up to 50% contamination and still maintain hard set competency.

Common Applications
  • Competent well barrier for permanently abandoning wells
  • Lost Circulation control – Treat & Drill without POOH
  • Well bore strengthening
  • Fast setting kick off plug – Treat & Drill without tripping
  • Zonal Isolation / Water and Gas Shut off
  • Primary Cementing
    • Strengthening the shoe
    • Weak formations and zones with low fracture gradients where low density systems are required i.e. foam cement.
  • Packer Inflation material to permanently set a packer
  • Consolidation of loose formations
  • Plugging of control/ transmittal lines

  • Particle free fluid
  • Specific gravity can be adjusted from 0.7 - 2.5 SG
  • Viscosity range 10 – 2000 CP
  • Operating temperature range from -9°C to 150°C BHT, with physical and chemical resilience up to 320°C in its cured state.

Benefits of ThermaSet®
  • Superior, long lasting mechanical properties
  • Tunable setting time
  • Right angle setting profile translating to a very quick transition time
  • Easy to prepare and handle on location
  • Can be pumped through production tubing, CT, and drill pipe with MWD tools and the bit integral to the BHA.

Download ThermaSet® brochure here!