Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR20)

As of 2017, Malaysia is the fifth largest producer and exporter of natural rubber in the world. Malaysia is also the leader in the production and export of rubber products such as rubber gloves, pneumatic tyres, inner tubes, catheters, condoms, footwear, rubber bands and rubber sheets.

Rubber production in Malaysia is set to double by 2020, provided the Malaysian government’s ambitious development plans for the industry come to fruition. In 2011 the country produced nearly 1 million tonnes of rubber, according to statistics from the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB). Under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), production is expected to reach 2 million tonnes per annum by the end of the decade, boosting the sector’s contribution to gross national income (GNI) to RM52.9bn ($17.06bn), up from RM18.5bn ($5.97bn) in 2011.

Panorama Global Trade Sdn Bhd is our subsidary for the distribution and export of Standard Malaysian Rubber blocks. Together we have the capability to export SMR20 to our clients throughout the world.