ROV Services

Panorama Oil & Gas as the trading arm of Bermuda Subsea offers total Remotely Operated Vehicle Solutions serving domestic and regional oil & gas markets.

Our services covers full-fledged onshore and offshore engineering requirements. Backed with our hybrid engineering team capable of design, fabrication and on field services; we offer total solutions predomintaly in ROV industry. We focus in providing ROV services utlizing our ROV system and experienced ROV personnel.

Product list

Product Type Specification
Light work class ROV system
  • 1500m depth rating
  • Electronics depth sensor
  • High-resolution color camera on a pan & tilt unit
  • Work Class ROV
  • 3000m depth rating
  • Upgraded Triton with 4 vector thrusters
  • New single borad control system, PLC based
  • Integral system diagnostics
  • Rexroth A10, 140cc pump
  • High resolution color camera on 180o tilt platforms
  • ROV Tooling Package (rental/sale)
  • Subsea electronics
  • Torque tool systems
  • ROV Personnel Supplies
    ROV Technical/piloting Training
    Electrical & Electronics Automation
    Software Control System Development