Reservoir Studies

With operating offices in Kuala Lumpur and the Middle East, Panorama Oil & Gas are an internatinal subsurface consulting and technology delivery group. Our Projects are taking us throughout South-East Asia and the Middle East.

We provide subsurface consulting fot the oil and gas industry. In particular, we provide expertise in difficult hydrocarbon recovery, fractured and conplex reservoirs and enhanced oil recovery.

Service list

Service Type Specification
Reservoir Engineering Studies
  • Estimating and forecasting reserves for evaluations and development.
  • Carrying out reservoir simulation studies to optimize recoveries.
  • Predicting reserves and performance for well proposals.
  • Predicting and evaluating water flood and enhanced recovery performance.
  • Developing and applying reservoir optimization techniques.
  • Developing cost-effective reservoir monitoring and surveillance programs.
  • Performing reservoir characterization studies.
  • Analyzing pressure transients.
  • Designing and coordinating petrophysical studies.
  • Analyzing the economics and risks of major development programs.
  • Estimating reserves for producing properties.
  • Reservoir Characterisation Reservoir characterisation involves a systematic integration of geological, geophysical and engineering data and improves description of reservoir properties in and between wells. Reservoir characterisation creates new view which enable you to:
  • Determine hydrocarbon distribution.
  • Assess reservoir quality.
  • Locate hidden oil.
  • Produce fields with fewer wells.
  • Calculate reserves with confidence and accuracy.
  • Save millions on field development.
  • EOR Screening and Feasibility Studies Panorama Oil & Gas offers joint sets of EOR solutions, from EOR screening and feasibility studies on a laboratory scale to reservoir simulation and production on a field scale. The objective is to propose solutions tailored to each specific reservoir condition and for any type of EOR process (chemical, CO2, thermal, etc).