Production Chemicals

Panorama Oil & Gas, as the trading arm of ACME Chemicals (M) Sdn Bhd are the supplier of vast range of specialty chemicals and engineered solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Our product offerings include paraffin dispersants, biocides, chemicals to inhibit corrosions, scales, greases, sludges, waxes and hydrates. Because each problem is different, we are committed to tailoring solutions to meet all of our customers’ unique and changing needs.

Product list

Chemicals Specificity
Demulsifier and sludge breaker formulation Crude-specific
Paraffin dispersant
PPD and wax inhibitor formulations Crude-specific
Corrosion inhibitor
  • Water dispersable
  • Water dispersable and oil soluble
  • Wet gas
  • Scale inhbitor
  • Carbonate scale
  • Barium and strontium scale
  • Biocides
    Kinetic hydrate inhibitor (KHI/DHI)
    Hydrogen sulfide scavenger
    Pipeline degreaser
    Pipeline preservation cocktail and tracer dye
    Waterflood treatment chemicals
    Tank desludging
    Asphaltene point depressant