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Who we are?

The establishment of Panorama Oil and Gas was envisioned to startegically serve the dynamic oil and gas industries. Our stragetic business alliance and aggressive expansion have facilitated our progress and positioned ourselves as a recognized player in the Malaysian and regional oil and gas industry.

We have designed our business model to meet the needs of the robust upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. We strive to provide high quality products and services to the undustry cost effectively and at the same time keeping emphasis on health, safety and environmental requirements.

Our mission is to strive to be recognized in the oil and gas industry as a global organization that fulfils the highest industry standards in a sustainable way.

We aim to meet our clients requirements and satisfy their needs. We want to continually improve our products and services quality based on the latest technologies and establish sustainability as a culture for our company and our partners.

We strive to develop strong partnership to share our years of technical knowledge and expertise. Through strong partnership with various reputable and established players in the oil and gas industries, we have managed to continue to innovate, expand our offering and solutions into some niche areas of application. Thus, we are very fortunate to continue our strong track records with continuing success.

What we do?

We have wide-ranging technical expertise, service offerings and project delivery capabilities in offshore and onshore oil and gas production facilities. We takes pride in our versatility, creative team and professionalism. We understand that each customer requires a different type of service. But what remains true for all of our customers is that we will devote all the time and energy needed to provide a superior service.